Image 1 of (XL) Vintage Single Stitch Cowboy Mouth T-Shirt Image 2 of (XL) Vintage Single Stitch Cowboy Mouth T-Shirt Image 3 of (XL) Vintage Single Stitch Cowboy Mouth T-Shirt

(XL) Vintage Single Stitch Cowboy Mouth T-Shirt


Good Condition 8/10
Width: 22 Length: 26

Please refer to measurements for fit. Width is pit to pit. Length is top of the shoulder to bottom of the garment. All measurements are in inches.

Ensure your address is correct. All sales are final.

All sales are final.

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(XXL) Vintage Fish T-Shirt

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(L) Alien UFO T-Shirt

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(L) Vintage Shih Tzu Sing...

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(M/L) Looney Tunes The Al...

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(M) Nascar Don't Swim In ...

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Image of (M/L) Vintage Nike Big Logo Bootleg SIngle-Stitch T-Shirt

(M/L) Vintage Nike Big Lo...

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Image of (M) Toby Keith Band I Love This Bar Band T-Shirt

(M) Toby Keith Band I Lov...

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Image of (L) Vintage Dime Piece Native American The Mountain T-Shirt

(L) Vintage Dime Piece Na...

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Image of (XL) Mickey Mouse 25th Anniversary Vintage Disney T-Shirt

(XL) Mickey Mouse 25th An...

$19.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) To Cats All Things Belong To Cats T-Shirt

(XL) To Cats All Things B...

$8.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XXL) Tie Dye Native American Muscle T-Shirt

(XXL) Tie Dye Native Amer...

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Image of (M) Rice University Vintage T-Shirt

(M) Rice University Vinta...

$7.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) 90s Quail Valley Tennis SIngle Stitch T-Shirt

(XL) 90s Quail Valley Ten...

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Image of (M) Cal Ripken Jr. 1996 Stands Alone T-Shirt

(M) Cal Ripken Jr. 1996 S...

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Image of (M) Vintage University of Texas Russell Athletic Made in USA Crewneck

(M) Vintage University of...

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Image of (L) Nimbus 2000 East Coast Witches Biker T-Shirt

(L) Nimbus 2000 East Coas...

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(S/M) Houston Astros Y2K ...

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(XL) Vintage Mouse Tales ...

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Image of (M/L) Wimbledon Vintage Tennis T-Shirt

(M/L) Wimbledon Vintage T...

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(L) Vintage Island Boyz P...

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(S/M) Houston Astros 2005...

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(M) Thrashed Dirt Road Ra...

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Image of (XL) Pray Until Something Happens Embroidered T-Shirt

(XL) Pray Until Something...

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Image of (XL) Genesis 2007 Tour Tee

(XL) Genesis 2007 Tour Tee

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Image of (XL) Nike Soccer 1995 Tournament T-Shirt

(XL) Nike Soccer 1995 Tou...

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Image of (XL) Disturbed Band Tee

(XL) Disturbed Band Tee

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Image of (XXL) Y2K Levis Red Denim Jacket

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Image of (L) You Don't Have To Be A Fool To Be Cool!

(L) You Don't Have To Be ...

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(L) Parrot Bikers They Dr...

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Image of (M) Vintage Winnie The Pooh & Tigger T-Shirt

(M) Vintage Winnie The Po...

$24.49 | Sold Out
Image of (L) Indiana Hoosiers Vintage T-Shirt

(L) Indiana Hoosiers Vint...

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Image of (XL) Texas A&M Vintage Camo T-Shirt

(XL) Texas A&M Vintage Ca...

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Image of (S/M) Daytona Bike Week T-Shirt

(S/M) Daytona Bike Week T...

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Image of (M) Harley Davidson Black Jack Pirate T-Shirt

(M) Harley Davidson Black...

$15.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) Vintage Sailing USA LS T-Shirt

(XL) Vintage Sailing USA ...

$10.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) 1994 USA vs. Egypt Single-Stitch T-Shirt

(XL) 1994 USA vs. Egypt S...

$7.49 | Sold Out
Image of (L) Barrel Racing 1998 Vintage Aquaberry T-Shirt

(L) Barrel Racing 1998 Vi...

$7.49 | Sold Out
Image of (S) Harley Davidson Texas T-Shirt

(S) Harley Davidson Texas...

$17.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) Ohio State Team Nike Jersey

(XL) Ohio State Team Nike...

$15.49 | Sold Out
Image of (M) New Orleans Vintage T-Shirt

(M) New Orleans Vintage T...

$14.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) Slayer Y2K Band T-Shirt

(XL) Slayer Y2K Band T-Shirt

$29.49 | Sold Out
Image of (L) Canada Vintage T-Shirt

(L) Canada Vintage T-Shirt

$8.49 | Sold Out
Image of Vintage Bank Of Commerece Longhorn Trucker Hat

Vintage Bank Of Commerece...

$10.49 | Sold Out
Image of (M/L) Vintage Native American Eagle Crewneck

(M/L) Vintage Native Amer...

$24.49 | Sold Out
Image of (L) Harley Davidson Arkansas T-Shirt

(L) Harley Davidson Arkan...

$15.49 | Sold Out
Image of (L) Coon Bottom Florida Vintage T-Shirt

(L) Coon Bottom Florida V...

$10.49 | Sold Out
Image of (M) Boss America Single Stitch Tee

(M) Boss America Single S...

$7.49 | Sold Out
Image of (L) Brad Paisley Tour T-Shirt

(L) Brad Paisley Tour T-S...

$15.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) David O'Keefe Golfing Artist T-Shirt

(XL) David O'Keefe Golfin...

$14.49 | Sold Out
Image of (M) Ton Up Club Vintage Motorcycle T-Shirt

(M) Ton Up Club Vintage M...

$11.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) Don't Blame Me I'm Having A Blonde Moment Single Stitch T-Shirt

(XL) Don't Blame Me I'm H...

$12.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) Every Knee Shall Bow Jesus Single Stitich T-Shirt

(XL) Every Knee Shall Bow...

$17.49 | Sold Out
Image of (M) 2006 STL Cardinals World Series Champs Tee

(M) 2006 STL Cardinals Wo...

$12.49 | Sold Out
Image of (L) Computer's Make Us Their Bitch T-Shirt

(L) Computer's Make Us Th...

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Image of (M) Vintage 90s Humpback Whale T-Shirt

(M) Vintage 90s Humpback ...

$15.49 | Sold Out
Image of (L) Reusch Vintage Goalie Soccer Jersey

(L) Reusch Vintage Goalie...

$14.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XXL) Tuskegee Airmen Vintage T-Shirt

(XXL) Tuskegee Airmen Vin...

$17.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) Vintage Mickey Mouse 90s T-Shirt

(XL) Vintage Mickey Mouse...

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Image of (S) Louisiana Tourist T-Shirt

(S) Louisiana Tourist T-S...

$7.49 | Sold Out

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