Image 1 of (XL) 90s Austin ISD Fitness Tee Image 2 of (XL) 90s Austin ISD Fitness Tee Image 3 of (XL) 90s Austin ISD Fitness Tee

(XL) 90s Austin ISD Fitness Tee


Great Condition 8/10
Width: 22 Length: 31

Please refer to measurements for fit. Width is pit to pit. Length is top of the shoulder to bottom of the garment. All measurements are in inches.

Ensure your address is correct. All sales are final.

All sales are final.

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$15.49 | Sold Out
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$15.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) Vintage LSU Tigers Tee

(XL) Vintage LSU Tigers Tee

$14.49 | Sold Out
Image of (M) Young Thug Slime Tee

(M) Young Thug Slime Tee

$15.49 | Sold Out
Image of (L) 90s Siegfried & Roy Vintage Tiger Tee

(L) 90s Siegfried & Roy V...

$17.49 | Sold Out
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(XL) 90s Jazzercise Tank Top

$12.49 | Sold Out
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(M) Mark Martin Nascar Tee

$15.49 | Sold Out
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(XL) Vintage Nashville Te...

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$35.49 | Sold Out
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$11.49 | Sold Out
Image of (L) Wolf Howling Tee

(L) Wolf Howling Tee

$9.49 | Sold Out
Image of (M) 1980s Single Stitch Army Tee

(M) 1980s Single Stitch A...

$8.49 | Sold Out
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(L) 1995 Harley Davidson ...

$22.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) Lizard Encrusted Mexico Tourist Tee

(XL) Lizard Encrusted Mex...

$9.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) 90s STL Rams Salem Sportswear Tee

(XL) 90s STL Rams Salem S...

$16.49 | Sold Out
Image of (L) Guinness Ireland Soccer Tee

(L) Guinness Ireland Socc...

$14.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) 90s Physical Therapy T-Shirt

(XL) 90s Physical Therapy...

$15.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XXL) Murica' Eagle Tee

(XXL) Murica' Eagle Tee

$7.49 | Sold Out
Image of (L) Vintage Air-Force Spade Skull Tee

(L) Vintage Air-Force Spa...

$15.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) Tweety & Sylvester Embroidered Vintage Pocket Tee

(XL) Tweety & Sylvester E...

$16.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) Nike White Tag Essential Crewneck

(XL) Nike White Tag Essen...

$17.49 | Sold Out
Image of (L) Sturgis Black Hills Motorcycle Rally T-Shirt

(L) Sturgis Black Hills M...

$19.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) Boston Celtics Vintage Tank Top

(XL) Boston Celtics Vinta...

$14.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) Vintage American Thunder Wolf Tee

(XL) Vintage American Thu...

$55.49 | Sold Out
Image of (L) Dale Earnhardt Sr. Nascar T-Shirt

(L) Dale Earnhardt Sr. Na...

$24.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) Phoenix Coyotes Arizona Lottery T-Shirt

(XL) Phoenix Coyotes Ariz...

$17.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) 1992 Gay Flamingo Tee

(XL) 1992 Gay Flamingo Tee

$11.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) Oakland A's Vintage Apex 1 Tee

(XL) Oakland A's Vintage ...

$29.49 | Sold Out

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