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(XL) Vintage USA T-Shirt

Sold Out

Condition 8/10
Width: 22.5 Length: 26

Please refer to measurements for fit. Width is pit to pit. Length is top of the shoulder to bottom of the garment. All measurements are in inches.

Ensure your address is correct. All sales are final.

All sales are final.

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Image of (L/XL) Dare to Resist Drugs Crip Blue T-Shirt

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Image of (L) iPray God eBay Tee

(L) iPray God eBay Tee

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Image of (L) Animal Lovers Fuh Lifeeeeee Humane Tee

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Image of (S) Vintage Parrot Tourist Tee

(S) Vintage Parrot Touris...

Image of (L) Canada Big Flag T-Shirt

(L) Canada Big Flag T-Shirt

Image of (L) Mark McGuire T-Shirt

(L) Mark McGuire T-Shirt

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(L) Martina McBride Emoti...

Image of (S/M) Houston Astros Vintage Baseball Jersey

(S/M) Houston Astros Vint...

Image of (XS) Buffalo The Original Ice Cream Parlor Vintage T-Shirt

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Image of (XL) Vintage New Jersey Sailing Tee

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Image of (M) Arachnophobia Movie T-Shirt

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Image of (XL) 1997 Eben-Ezer Stooge T-Shirt

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Image of (S) 1978 Tulane Green Wave Vintage Jersey

(S) 1978 Tulane Green Wav...

Image of (M) Murica Freedom T-Shirt

(M) Murica Freedom T-Shirt

Image of (S) 1996 CyFair Physical Education T-Shirt

(S) 1996 CyFair Physical ...

Image of (M) Magical Ass 90s Christmas Sweater

(M) Magical Ass 90s Chris...

Image of (L) James Dean 1992 Single Stitch Wonderland Tee

(L) James Dean 1992 Singl...

Image of (S) Stewie Griffin Liquid Blue Tee

(S) Stewie Griffin Liquid...

Image of (XXL) I Don't Think So! Single Stitch Bear Tee

(XXL) I Don't Think So! S...

Image of (S Youth XL) Shaq Kazaam 1996 Movie Tee

(S Youth XL) Shaq Kazaam ...

Image of (S) Bon Jovi Lost Highway Band Tee

(S) Bon Jovi Lost Highway...

Image of (L) Sturgis Harley Muscle Tee

(L) Sturgis Harley Muscle...

Image of (L) King Tut Vintage Egyptian Tee

(L) King Tut Vintage Egyp...

Image of (M) 1980s I was The Boss SIngle Stitch Tee

(M) 1980s I was The Boss ...

Image of (M) 90s Adidas Soccer Tee

(M) 90s Adidas Soccer Tee

Image of (L) 90s Scuba Sea Trek

(L) 90s Scuba Sea Trek

Image of (XXL) Harley Davidson Eagle T-Shirt

(XXL) Harley Davidson Eag...

$17.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) Harley Davidson High Desert T-Shirt

(XL) Harley Davidson High...

$15.49 | Sold Out
Image of (L) Degrees of Loving God

(L) Degrees of Loving God

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Image of (S/M) STL Cardinals All-Over Print T-SHirt

(S/M) STL Cardinals All-O...

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Image of (L) New w/Tags Chicago Cubs T-Shirt

(L) New w/Tags Chicago Cu...

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Image of (XL) Harley Davidson Motorcycles Two Tone T-Shirt

(XL) Harley Davidson Moto...

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Image of (L) 1996 Atlanta Olympics T-Shirt

(L) 1996 Atlanta Olympics...

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Image of (M/L) Dudley Alcatraz Motorcycle T-Shirt

(M/L) Dudley Alcatraz Mot...

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Image of (L) Thailand Frog T-Shirt

(L) Thailand Frog T-Shirt

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(M) Vintage Cut & Sew 90s...

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Image of (XL) Orlando Magic Embroidered T-Shirt

(XL) Orlando Magic Embroi...

$12.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) Dare to Resist Drugs T-Shirt

(XL) Dare to Resist Drugs...

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Image of (XL) Hard Rock Cafe San Francisco Vintage T-Shirt

(XL) Hard Rock Cafe San F...

$11.49 | Sold Out
Image of (3XL) Snowman Jeezy Trap Tee

(3XL) Snowman Jeezy Trap Tee

$17.49 | Sold Out
Image of (L) 1995 Haight Ashbury Sunflower LS T-Shirt

(L) 1995 Haight Ashbury S...

$29.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) The Mountain Rattlesnake T-Shirt

(XL) The Mountain Rattles...

$15.49 | Sold Out
Image of (L) Vintage Nike Made in USA Center Check Tee

(L) Vintage Nike Made in ...

$19.49 | Sold Out
Image of (M) 1997 Rodeo Houston Vintage T-Shirt

(M) 1997 Rodeo Houston Vi...

$29.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) Y2K Nike Essential Vintage T-Shirt

(XL) Y2K Nike Essential V...

$15.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) Houston Astros 2000s T-Shirt

(XL) Houston Astros 2000s...

$15.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XXL) Lonestar Rally Muscle Tee

(XXL) Lonestar Rally Musc...

$11.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) 1992 Pontiac SSEi Highlighter Single Stitch T-Shirt

(XL) 1992 Pontiac SSEi Hi...

$22.49 | Sold Out
Image of (M) Independent Trucks Skate Tee

(M) Independent Trucks Sk...

$14.49 | Sold Out
Image of (M) Vintage Bob Marley Single Stitch Redmetion Song Tee

(M) Vintage Bob Marley Si...

$55.49 | Sold Out
Image of (L) 2006 STL Cardinals World Series Champs Tee

(L) 2006 STL Cardinals Wo...

$14.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL/XXL) Monkey Encrusted Guayaquil T-Shirt

(XL/XXL) Monkey Encrusted...

$11.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XXL) Barack The Vote Obama '08 T-Shirt

(XXL) Barack The Vote Oba...

$15.49 | Sold Out
Image of (M/L) Atlanta 1996 Olympics T-Shirt

(M/L) Atlanta 1996 Olympi...

$22.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) Nike Y2k LS T-Shirt

(XL) Nike Y2k LS T-Shirt

$17.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) 200 Santana Scholarship Fund Band Tee

(XL) 200 Santana Scholars...

$39.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) 90s Speedo Swim Tee

(XL) 90s Speedo Swim Tee

$15.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) Custom Astrological Vintage T-Shirt

(XL) Custom Astrological ...

$17.49 | Sold Out
Image of (M) Vintage Shooter Boat Racing T-Shirt

(M) Vintage Shooter Boat ...

$12.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) Vintage Woodstock Vintage T-Shirt

(XL) Vintage Woodstock Vi...

$22.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) Cocoa Beach Sailboat Vintage T-Shirt

(XL) Cocoa Beach Sailboat...

$15.49 | Sold Out
Image of (M/L) New w/Tags Chicago Cubs 1980s Single Stitch T-Shirt

(M/L) New w/Tags Chicago ...

$22.49 | Sold Out
Image of (L) Winnie the Pooh Vintage T-Shirt

(L) Winnie the Pooh Vinta...

$33.49 | Sold Out
Image of (M) New York News Vintage 3/4 Hoodie

(M) New York News Vintage...

$15.49 | Sold Out
Image of (M) Harry Potter Sorcerer's Stone T-Shirt

(M) Harry Potter Sorcerer...

$17.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) Whatever. Shirt

(XL) Whatever. Shirt

$22.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XXL) Vintage Native American Eagle T-Shirt

(XXL) Vintage Native Amer...

$17.49 | Sold Out
Image of (L) Bob Marley Playing Soccer T-Shirt

(L) Bob Marley Playing So...

$15.49 | Sold Out
Image of (M) I'm Peachy Bite Me!

(M) I'm Peachy Bite Me!

$9.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) Tim McGraw Vintage Tour Tee

(XL) Tim McGraw Vintage T...

$19.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) Vintage STL Blues Logo 7 Jersey

(XL) Vintage STL Blues Lo...

$14.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) Vintage Mickey Mouse All-Over Print Single Stitch T-Shirt

(XL) Vintage Mickey Mouse...

$39.49 | Sold Out
Image of (L) USA Single Stitch T-Shirt

(L) USA Single Stitch T-S...

$5.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XXL) Iron Maiden Band Tee

(XXL) Iron Maiden Band Tee

$19.49 | Sold Out
Image of (L) Winnie the Pooh Gorging on a River T-SHirt

(L) Winnie the Pooh Gorgi...

$35.49 | Sold Out
Image of (L) Vintage New York City Apple T-Shirt

(L) Vintage New York City...

$11.49 | Sold Out
Image of (L/XL) Bite Me Thot Shark T-Shirt

(L/XL) Bite Me Thot Shark...

$17.49 | Sold Out
Image of (L) Vintage Bad Ass Jack Ass Nascar T-Shirt

(L) Vintage Bad Ass Jack ...

$14.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) Jack Daniels Vintage T-Shirt

(XL) Jack Daniels Vintage...

$45.49 | Sold Out
Image of (L) Winnie the Pooh Embroidered T-Shirt

(L) Winnie the Pooh Embro...

$15.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XXL) Vintage Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti Liquid Blue T-Shirt

(XXL) Vintage Led Zeppeli...

$55.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) 1994 Red River Prospector T-Shirt

(XL) 1994 Red River Prosp...

$19.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) Starsky & Hutch T-Shirt

(XL) Starsky & Hutch T-Shirt

$14.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XXL) 38 Baby NBA Young Boy Tee

(XXL) 38 Baby NBA Young B...

$10.49 | Sold Out
Image of (XL) Looney Tunes 90s Bowling T-Shirt

(XL) Looney Tunes 90s Bow...

$24.49 | Sold Out
Image of (L) Vintage Duck Encrusted Single Stitch Tee

(L) Vintage Duck Encruste...

$14.49 | Sold Out
Image of (M) Denver Broncos Logo 7 Jersey Tee

(M) Denver Broncos Logo 7...

$15.49 | Sold Out

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